Design Office of Mark Maloney is an independent design consultancy whose work centers on bringing greater value to the digital experience. A biochemist by training, Mark’s uniquely analytical approach to creative development has ensured a best-of-class work product that is on strategy, user-centric and results-focused for nearly two decades.

I design the user experience.

From the desktop to smartphone. And across the enterprise.

Creative Direction

Everything starts with a vision. An ethos. Something for which it stands. Creative direction provides the conceptual scaffolding upon which a set of experiences can be consistently and effectively modeled.

User Experience Direction

It isn’t simply enough to have an idea.  Innovation requires action.  User experience direction transforms business needs, brand strategy and user insight into actionable and effective digital interaction.

Information Architecture

Information Architecture is the structural design of shared information environments. It provides the page level schematic detail with regards to the functional and informational hierarchies of a user experience.

Art Direction & Design

Typography. Texure. Layout. Color. When applied expertly, these visual principles allow the design of truly accessible user experiences which provide greater utility and deeper emotional affinity.

I’ve worked with some really great people over the years.

From Fortune 50 companies and global NPOs to promising start-ups and early stage companies.

"Mark is great resource due to his incredible creativity, ability to understand the market dynamics of my business and foster clarity of vision among internal and external groups. I would recommend Mark as one of the best and brightest in the market."

− Mollie Spilman, Chief Revenue Officer, Criteo

"His ability to understand client challenges, empathize with the obstacles they face, and then think outside the box to develop solutions you would not typically get from an interactive shop demonstrate the value of working with such an experienced industry veteran."

− Brent Halliburton, VP Product, Verve Mobile

"Mark is not simply "creative". He's a business-problem solver. He doesn't "do" art. Instead, he finds smart ways to increase business value."

− Bill McIntyre, EVP Group Head, Edelman

"Mark has been a huge asset to our company. He simplifies the most complex issues with design solutions that not only meet our needs but keep us on the bleeding edge of the industry. His energy is contagious. It’s impossible to not be excited after a call with him. He’s one of the best around."

− Mike Murray, Director, UI/UX Product Management, Videology