Allovue is a K-12 education resource planning platform. I worked with them to design their enterprise customer experience framework as well as their flagship product, Balance, which helps school systems perform, manage and analyze financial data more effectively.

Simple is hard.

Product Design & Brand Identity

Over coffee in the winter of 2014, Jess Gartner opened my eyes to the problem of K-12 finance. She explained that school administrators knew very little about their budgeting and spending due to antiquated and poorly understood financial reporting systems.

And then she outlined her vision to change this. She envisioned usable education resource planning software that empowers K-12 administrators at every level to allocate resources best support the needs of their students.

So that’s what we set out to create.

This is a typical K-12 finance report.

I'm not even kidding.

This is Allovue.

A visual language based on clarity.

Seed stage engagement meant that I was able to work intimately with founder Jess Gartner and CTO Ted O’Meara to define, organize and visualize the Allovue experience – from brand identity to investor materials to product design.

Below is a comparison of the original product prototype and the result of our collaboration.

Since our engagement, the company has raised a successful Series A round, sponsored at their second national summit on Educational Finance and is currently managing over $23.8B in school budgets.