Advertising Analytics is a Washington, D.C. based startup bringing forward-looking, real-time media intelligence to political media buying with a suite of software products which provide campaigns with actionable data to make informed decisions and outsmart the opposition.

The Assignment

Corporate Brand Strategy, Corporate Identity and Enterprise UX Framework

One morning in March of 2017, I received a message on Dribbble, an invitation only community of designers, animators and visual artists. It was from a well-established political media buying agency headquartered in Northern Virginia. Their CEO explained that they had planned to take his suite of media intelligence tools to market. They had already validated the concept with three working Tableau worksheets and several alpha clients who used this information to improve their media buying strategies.

They even had a name for this new company: Advertising Analytics. And names for the three products: Delta, Pharos and Admo.

So we set out to bring the concept to life.

The initial remit was to design the corporate and product identities. Then we moved into conceptualization and design of the corporate website. Once the brand had been set on a path, we moved to improve product design. First, we worked through the enterprise user experience framework and then applied it to a complete redesign of the AdMo product.