Rezility helps the housing insecure to engage, connect and thrive in their lives and communities so that they can build stable, secure futures for themselves and their families.  I worked with Enterprise Community Partners to bring this promise to life.

My initial engagement with Enterprise Community Partners on Rezility ended with my resignation. It wasn’t because of team chemistry or that we weren’t producing good work. There simply was a lack of organizational focus that made it difficult for me to move the product from concept to experience in a meaningful way. I felt like I wasn’t adding value. So I respectfully resigned the account.

After about eight months, I was re-engaged by Enterprise with a focused target and concept. Rezility was to become a personalized, socially-powered mobile platform that connects housing insecure, low income residents to Enterprise’s considerable opportunity network and marketplace.

All they asked was that we keep the name and the basic logo concept since they had spent considerable internal political capital getting them approved.

So I got to work. And, with the Technology Ventures Group, reimagined everything.


It’s not easy being housing insecure. In fact, it’s pretty darned hard. But that’s not how housing insecurity is portrayed in American culture. Low income people are ignored, or worse, blamed for their situations.

We understand this reality and believe in the potential of all Americans to improve their lives.

Our vision is to employ mobile and web-based technologies to connect the housing insecure to professional and social services and to empower them to improve their lives and communities.


Rezility empowers users to engage, connect and thrive in their lives and communities so that they can build stable, secure futures for themselves and their families.


We want better futures for ourselves and others.  We care about the communities where we work and live – and we want to help people engage and connect with each other.


Rezility is about connection for a cohort of Americans who have been disconnected from opportunity. The interface is organized to simply and effectively facilitate discovery, connection and engagement with both service providers and the greater community at large.

We aim to engage our residents with respect and authenticity and have taken great care to ensure that we meet them where they are and do not waste their time or their trust.

Your Feed

A familiar metaphor to deliver personalized opportunities and services while facilitating active community engagement.

Your Conversations

Facilitate active engagement between members of the community via secure multimedia messaging.

Around You

Allow users to connect with opportunity wherever they are — whether home, work or in the community.


Without partners and service providers, there are no opportunities to offer to residents. To support them, we designed a fully responsive administrative workspace that allows providers to easily engage and manage their communities from any device and at any location.

Rezility is currently in limited beta release.

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