October 21, 2009

EMarketer Gave Me A Shout Out! Guess My Science Degrees Have Come In Handy.

I read an article from eMarketer regarding smartphone usage. They seemed to be drawing conclusions about their data that were subsubstantiated by their raw data. From my science days, it…
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October 6, 2008

Musicians Think Differently Than Everyone Else

I’ve kinda believed this for a while…but Scientific American has published a quick little article describing a paper in Brain and Cognitionwhich confirms it. The found that musicians were more creative…as defined by…
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August 13, 2003

Jackson Pollack Is Much Deeper Than I Am

I was flipping through an old Scientific American (yes, I am a tool)…and came across an article which had piqued my interest. It described work done by Richard Taylor at…
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