August 7, 2016


I've really enjoyed the #firstsevenjobs hashtag on Twitter. My friend Jess decided to throw up her first 30 jobs. I haven't had that many. But I've had a few. Starting when…
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May 2, 2014

A penny for your thoughts.

Back in the late 90s, I was enamored with the promise of micropayments. In fact, I still am. For me, a truly frictionless micropayment based system would allow content creators and consumers…
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October 21, 2009

EMarketer Gave Me A Shout Out! Guess My Science Degrees Have Come In Handy.

I read an article from eMarketer regarding smartphone usage. They seemed to be drawing conclusions about their data that were subsubstantiated by their raw data. From my science days, it…
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February 18, 2009

The 15 Albums That Changed My Life

This was originally posted as a note my Facebook…inspired by a meme brought to my attention by Al Yukna.  It was alot of fun…and thought that it deserved archiving here…
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October 6, 2008

Musicians Think Differently Than Everyone Else

I’ve kinda believed this for a while…but Scientific American has published a quick little article describing a paper in Brain and Cognitionwhich confirms it. The found that musicians were more creative…as defined by…
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June 11, 2008

The Basics Of What I Believe

You shouldn’t need to look externally to find out how to get in touch with your spirituality. You should simply look inward. Anything that becomes institutionalized tends to become bastardized…
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August 13, 2003

Intelligence is Transcendence

There are a lot of smart people in our world. Some people are expert in only an extraordinarily narrow field. Most basic scientists fall into this category. Some people are…
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August 13, 2003

Jackson Pollack Is Much Deeper Than I Am

I was flipping through an old Scientific American (yes, I am a tool)…and came across an article which had piqued my interest. It described work done by Richard Taylor at…
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Creative Direction
August 8, 2003

The Debate Over The “Corporatization” Of Our Culture

Andrew Zolli writes an interesting article about the infiltration of corporate brands into our culture. He writes: For starters, brands aren’t invading the culture, for many they are the culture.…
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